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Reading at home with your child.

Daily story time

Find a short slot in your daily routine (bedtime works well for many families) to read one or two books together every day. Find a quiet, cosy place to snuggle up, and switch off distractions for a few minutes so you and your child have each other's full attention. Once story time becomes part of your routine, both you and your child will begin to look forward to this special time together.

Sharing a book

Sharing a book with your child can be a magical experience. By building story time into your daily routine you will be:

  • Spending time together
  • Developing your child’s imagination
  • Introducing new words
  • Expanding their knowledge of the world
  • Giving them the chance to ask questions
  • Helping them to relax and calm down
  • Developing their love of books and reading
  • Having fun together!