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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do if my child is absent?

We aim for children to exceed 95% attendance.  If your child is unwell please contact the school by 9:00am (there is a dedicated message box - choose option 1).  We ask that parents and carers contact the school each day that their child is sick.  Where we have no message, you will receive a text from the school.

What happens if I want to take a holiday?

We do not authorise holiday requests during term time.  Leave of absence for other reasons will only be granted where proper procedures are followed and the Headteacher's permission given.  Please ask the school office if you require further information.

What jewellery can my child wear?

Children should not wear jewellery in school although plain studs are permissible for those with pierced ears.  Your child must remove ear studs prior to swimming and PE lessons.  Watches are allowed.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Children are able to join extra-curricular activities, some of which are held during the lunch break and others after school.  The list of clubs vary each term.  Application forms are sent at the start of each term.

Special Educational Needs

We are committed to a broad and balanced curriculum for all our pupils.  Our Special Needs Co-ordinator ensures that the school provides the best support possible for children identified as having special needs.  We discuss any support plans with parents and provide regular feedback on progress.  External agencies may need to be consulted on some occasions.


Children with a physical disability are fully supported in accessing all parts of the school.

More able children

We recognise that all children are individuals with their own specific needs, gifts and talents.  Children who are identified as being exceptionally able or talented are monitored and provided with stimulating and enriching lessons appropriate to their needs.

Charging Policy

We recognise that the wide range od additional activities, including clubs, visits and residential experiences can make a valuable contribution towards a pupil's personal and social education.  It is hoped that parents will be prepared to make the necessary contributions towards these activities.  If this causes difficulties please contact the school office.

Emergency arrangements

In the event of adverse weather conditions, we would like to remind all parents that up-to-date information can be found on the website, school Facebook page and on Twitter.  All school closure information is also announced on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and Heart Radio.

Medicine in School

In line with our policy, we are able to administer prescribed medicines, Piriton, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen in school.  Parents / Carers MUST complete a consent form which can be found under the 'Useful Links' tab.  It is responsibility of the child to come to the office at agreed times for medication.


Children carry their own inhaler with them at all times in a bumbag provided by the school.  It is the responsibility of the child and parent to ensure the inhaler is replaced when necessary.


We ask that all children come to school with their own named water bottle, which they will have access to during the day.  Please note ONLY water is permitted in water bottles.